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The Best Hong Kong VPN Provider Out There

  • Get customer support around the clock, no matter what.
  • Unlimited server switching, with zero downtimes.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for your downloading and streaming needs.
  • A single Ivacy account secures five devices simultaneously.
  • Blazing fast download and upload speeds.
  • Not satisfied? Take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee*.
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30 Days Money-back Guarantee*

Ivacy the best Hong Kong VPN

Features that Outdo the Best of the Best

Ivacy’s Hong Kong VPN comes equipped with features that ensure true internet freedom in all its glory.

275+ Servers, 100+ locations

With numerous servers spread across the globe, you get complete security with unrestricted access to the internet.

Unlimited Server Switching

Switch between as many servers as you like to get the results you are looking for in the first place. Never again, will you have to deal with restrictions.

Smart Purpose Selection

With our effective Hong Kong VPN, you will be at ease at all times. Configure our service the way you want to, for the best possible results.

Highly Optimized Servers

With our highly optimized servers, you get the best performance by far. This also translates well for torrenters looking for outstanding speeds.

Multiple Login Support

Connect to the best servers across numerous devices using one account. To be more precise, a single Ivacy account can secure 5 devices simultaneously.

Unlimited Bandwidth Usage

Be it downloads or uploads, you get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth usage. This also means you will no longer have to worry about speed throttling either.

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30 Days Money-back Guarantee*

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Everything you need to know, right here!

Payment of Methods available to pay for an Ivacy subscription?

You have various payment methods to choose from. You can pay via Bitcoin, Web Money, PayPal or even Perfect Money.

How many devices can be secured using a single Ivacy account?

Unlike other service providers out there, you can use a single account to secure five devices at the same time, thus offering you true value for your money.

Recurring or non-recurring for the billing method?

The billing method depends on how you paid for an Ivacy subscription in the first place. For Bitcoin, it is non-recurring. However, if you chose PayPal, it will be recurring instead.

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30 Days Money-back Guarantee*