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Overcome Penalties, Fines and Lawsuits Beforehand with a Private VPN

ISPs, Governments and cyber criminals can track your online activities. Why take such a risk?

Get Ivacy Now
7 Days Money-back Guarantee

Unlimited Access to the Internet with Max Privacy & Security

Whenever you are online, connect to our Private VPN to encrypt communications and data transfers.

Untraceable browsing with Ivacy private VPN

Untraceable Browsing

Since Ivacy utilizes shared IPs, your IP address cannot be traced for any reason whatsoever.

Safeguard data with Ivacy VPN

Safeguard Data

With features like 256-bit military grade encryption, your data is secure at all times.

Download anonymously with Ivacy VPN

Download Anonymously

Along with encryption, internet kill switch and IPv6 leak protection ensure your identity remains hidden.

Stay Safe & secure with Ivacy


Along with encryption, internet kill switch and IPv6 leak protection ensure your identity remains hidden.

Keep online communications private with Ivacy

Keep Online communications private

All data being sent and received is protected, meaning they will never fall in the wrong hands.

Access restricted sites with Ivacy VPN

Access restricted sites & content

Choose between different servers to access regions where restricted sites and content can be accessed.

Get Ivacy Now
7 Days Money-back Guarantee

Your online activites with and without Ivacy VPN

Without Ivacy VPN

Without Ivacy

  • Your ISP can see your activities
  • Hackers can hack your device
  • MPAA and RIAA can track you down
  • Your ISP will throttle your speed
  • You won’t be able stream geo-restricted channels
  • Some websites won’t be accessible
  • All your activities can be traced back to you
With Ivacy VPN

With Ivacy

  • Your ISP can’t see your activities
  • Hackers can’t hack your device
  • MPAA and RIAA can’t track you
  • Your ISP won’t throttle your speed
  • You will be able stream all geo-restricted channels
  • All websites will be accessible
  • none of your activities can be traced back to you
Get Ivacy Now
7 Days Money-back Guarantee

There is no doubt that Ivacy is one of the best VPN providers in the industry for its advanced VPN features. an absolute VPN winner in the industry.
I am a recent customer of Ivacy and so far I love it. I have done the IP and DNS leak tests and with auto selection of protocol I have seen zero leaks.
Safe, Speedy, with a Simple client, No Expertise required. I downloaded and installed the software in few minutes and a good service with a competitive price.
I have been looking for a secure VPN service with reliable connection and P2P support. I came up with ivacy and figured it out as a worth trying service.
The entire system, from ease of use to the UI, is just amazing! Super speeds, epic customer service, all around best VPN you can get.
Ivacy VPN and Kodi go together like cheese and wine. I get to enjoy all available content, without restrictions, with blazing fast streaming speeds. Ivacy has me sold.
Kodi has numerous restrictions, which I was only able to beat with Ivacy VPN. To my surprise, it allows me to stream whatever I want to, while being secure online.
Guarantee Guarantee
  • Advanced IPsec & IKEV Protocols
  • Virus Protection
  • Smart Connect Feature
  • Military Grade 256-Bit Encryption
  • 450+ Servers in 100+ Locations
  • No Browsing Logs Policy
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • High Speed Downloading
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Kodi App
  • P2P Support
  • 5 Devices Simultaneous Logins

Create an Ivacy VPN account by selecting your preferred payment method

30 Days Money-back Guarantee*

Why Ivacy is the best VPN to safeguard your Privacy?

You can get Ivacy working in just a few seconds. Download, install, a few clicks or taps, and you are connected to your desired location.

No Data Logging

No Data Logging to Worry about

One of the best things about Ivacy as a Private VPN is that it protects you at all times. This translates to protecting your data from being monitored by ISPs and even governments. At the same time, Ivacy does not keep records on its own users! Who would have thought?

No Caps on Bandwidth

No Caps on Bandwidth

Ivacy offers unparalleled speed and security, but all of it would be pointless if there were caps on bandwidth. Fortunately, that is not a concern with Ivacy, as its private VPN offers unlimited upload and download speeds, which is unheard of.

Unbeatable multiple security protocols

Unbeatable Multiple Security Protocols

Depending on your usage, you can choose from one of many available security protocols. Whether it is PPTP or SSTP, you can choose the appropriate protocol to cater to your needs for the best possible results. This ensures you have complete control at all times.

Remain hidden with internet Kill Switch

Remain Hidden with Internet Kill Switch

Just click or tap on the Connect button and you are successfully connected to your desired location. Now you can do whatever you want in the cyber world. Yes, it is that simple!

Torrent all you want

Torrent all you want

With plenty of features to ensure online security and anonymity, you can torrent all you want. Torrenting is not exactly appreciated, and can get you in a lot of trouble. In fact you could even be presented a DMCA notice, but that will be a thing of the past with our exclusive Torrent VPN service.

256 Bit encryption

256 Bit Encryption coupled with the best Security Protocols

Our VPN service allows you to do much more than you can possibly think of. It comes coupled with plenty of Security features, that are updated every now and then for maximum effectiveness. Protocols such as OpenVPN, IKev3, L2TP, PPTP and Stealth keep your data private during your commute, hidden from the prying eyes.

Pay anonymously using cryptocurrency

Pay Anonymously Using Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has become immensely popular due to the fact that it does not leave a trail behind. Bitcoins for example, do not leave a trace behind. But just to be on the safe side, our Private VPN delivers on all frontiers, including payments options including and not limited to cryptocurrency.

Top notch features, 200+ Servers and Apps for major platforms

Ivacy Features


P2P Optimized servers in many countries including US, UK and Canada

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth & Server Switching

Rock-Solid Security

256-bit encryption for ultimate protection

Multi Logins

Simultaneous connections on 5 different devices

Multiple Protocols

PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN & the revolutionary Stealth

Unlimited Speed

99% Uptime with unlimited speed

No Logs

Absolutely No logs whatsoever!

100+ Locations

200+ Servers in 50+ countries

Internet Kill Switch

Security even when your connection drops

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Live chat, ticketing system, social media and email support available

Ivacy Servers

North America

70+ Servers in North America including servers in Canada and US


80+ Servers in Europe


50+ servers in Asia


12+ Servers in Australia and New Zealand

South America

5+ servers in South America


6+ servers in Africa

Compatibility & Apps


Dedicated Apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Compatible devices

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Router, Roku, Kodi and 35 more….


Refund Policy

Risk-free 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Log Policy

No logs whatsoever!